The above gif perfectly describes me trying to hide away from all my responsibilities and commitments, not that I have lots of those, yet. (Credits to: weheartit)

Hey guys, I haven’t been active after three posts since nov 2016. I apologise for that. A lot have happened ever since I returned home. I will probably write more after this, I hope.

One of my resolutions for this year like any other year is to be hardworking. Knowing how I am after starting something new (for example this blog of mine), I should put my upmost effort into writing something at least once a day, regardless of it being a short or long post.

If you’re reading this right now, yes this is a post to get myself to write something on a daily basis.

Why you may ask?

Remember when diaries exist?

I actually wrote my daily happenings or occasional incidents in a pink rainbow A3 book that had a lingering smell of perfume (that originally belonged to my sister, Sorry sis!) I still remember she also wrote down random stuffs related to Maplestory or some other game which was the biggest thing that time.

Oh right I am offtrack again.

Here I would like to say that, this blog will be a place to jot down my memories because I am a forgetful person, or might as well call me a person who can’t seem to differentiate dreams and reality. It’s true. Sometimes my dreams reflect my daily occurrences and I occasionally get muddled up between believing what I remembered or what my mind had just simply made up.

Hmm, maybe I should sleep more.


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