Being an extrovert for a day

That gif of Honey senpai is literally and internally me today (credits to google)

Hi guys, yes, the title says it all. I finally talked to people in my tutorials and joked around too. You might think that, that’s no big deal at all Mint, like why would you even need to write a post about this? Like is talking to people meant being an extrovert? Pfft get your facts right Mint.

Yeah, I know, being an extrovert is so much more than what I did today but at least, I shifted near enough to the extrovert side. Last two years ago, my friend took Psychology as one of her subjects and she sent me a link which her teacher gave them to analyse their personality. I had a hard time finding the link but finally, I found it!! Here is the link if you would like to take it too >similarminds< (I think I took Eysenck Test last time!)

The results from that personality test were from 2 years ago so I am going to take it again today.

Let me list my result from two years ago and then compare two years later.

It said on the website:

Extroversion results were low which suggest you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive , and private.

Neuroticism results were moderately high which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional and anxious.

Psychoticism results were moderately low which suggest you are, at times, overly kind-natured, trusting, and helpful at the expense of your own individual development…

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 18.40.01.png

(All credits goes to, I do not own anything, this is simply what I would like to talk about so some information is needed in my discussion)





2015 results

As you can see, I am fairly on the introvert side, a test I took two years ago. So in order to see if two years living abroad did change me, I would like to discover any changes in myself.

-After 10 minutes of taking the test and wasting time on YouTube for another 20 minutes-

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 18.55.46.png

2017 results

Wow, I am still pretty much the same but leaning towards extrovert I suppose? I’m not entirely sure but oh well! Let me take the test next year to see my progress.

That wasn’t really the point of this post but check the personality test out if you would like. It’s interesting and at least i think it’s accurate to some degree. ANYWAYS, I met some good people and they were really nice too. There’s this guy with similar Chinese name as I am and we talked really casually (p.s. he was pretty cute I suppose, but I just need to meet him a few times to confirm that!), the girl beside me was pretty nice too and that other guy who was quiet. But overall, today was achievement for me, in the least.

This is out of topic but when will I get a boyfriend soon…? Haha, let me just laugh at myself for writing that.


I hope you had a good time reading this and wishing you all a great week ahead! I have a pile of work for me to do even though it’s only the second week of being a second year uni student. Hmm…university life. Probably better than the life after uni right? *chuckles*



Signing off,

Mint /(・ ᆺ ・)\♡


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