Certified Introvert ✓

Yes Princess Mia, I feel the exact way all the time but my major in uni requires me to be more like an extrovert so I don’t exactly fit well anywhere… (Credits to google and respective owner)

Hi guys, I haven’t been posting much and this is going to be a very short post. So let me get straight to my main point of today.

So I took this management subject in uni and for the group assignment, groups are formed by taking a personality test and a system will sort out all of us in the same tutorial according to personality types i assume. So what I found out after I did the personality test is that I am a certified introvert. And yes this subject is like two weeks old but hey I am really interested in these kinds of things.

Basically my personality type is ISFJ, which stands for “Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging”.

But apparently people with this personality type is more likely to be misunderstood most of the time but very loyal to those around them I think. I read somewhere and it says that they are too nice to the point they are being taken advantaged of but they still don’t mind.

Here’s a link to this personality type if you wanna read more about it >>humanmetrics.com<<

So there you have it. I am a certified (kinda) introvert. Yeap, I completely agree with most characteristics of that personality type. What’s yours? I would like to know!

Wishing everyone had a good week, if not, have a better week next week!

Signing off,

Mint /(・ ᆺ ・)\♡


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