Birthday Surprise Attacks

MOOD TODAY: ( . •́ _ʖ •̀ .) <– because of assignments

I turned 18 3 weeks back and since I was studying overseas, I did not get to celebrate it with my parents. Luckily, two of my good friends actually invited me out that night and showered me with gifts of snacks and treated me with a macha frozen yoghurt. In my heart, I was feeling really grateful and elated. I didn’t really expect anything this year because I knew that my birthday was exactly on the start of uni sem 1 and nobody remembered it probably.

But as far as I know, a lot of people sent me birthday wishes here and there. I am truly blessed and thankful for all the birthday greetings. Back to my friends, as I said, even though last year they celebrated my birthday with a dinner and cake on the exact day of  my birthday, I didn’t really have any expectations for anything this year. These two friends of mine bought me some cider and it tasted pretty good. But then again, I wouldn’t want to try it again bc it made me feel so sleepy. Apparently, I have low tolerance to alcohol hmm…

Anyways, they spent time with me in my apartment, just talking random stuffs. Then they left and said happy birthday again. If they ever come across this post, I would like to thank you for making my 18th birthday a memorable one. You guys made such efforts for a person like me. I’m really overwhelmed and blessed to get to know you all after arriving in a foreign country for studies. I will not forget you all and thanks for everything you have done for me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without your help. During that time, I was emotionally really down and talking to them really helped me to feel better.

After that, I thought it was the last time I would probably see them bc hey, we are all so busy in uni. Then they invited me out for some korean dinner and as I was elated to meet with them and along with few other friends I haven’t seen in a year, I, again didn’t, expect anything surprise or anything like that bc they already celebrated my birthday with me so I was already satisfied with that.

At the end of the dinner, they just simply said they were going to the washroom and one of my friend stared at me cheekily while I just replied with a smile. I didn’t know they were going to collect the cake. After quite some time, I was getting suspicious so a random thought past my mind, “Are they going to do some kind of surprise again? I feel like they are getting something, maybe a cake?” But I thought to myself, “Hmm…it couldn’t be because they already celebrated my birthday on Monday” Assuring myself that they really got into trouble in the washroom, I just simply talked with other people and played with my phone.

Little did I know, they started singing happy birthday and as slow as I get, I was so surprised and I kept thanking them. Like wow, did they really thought so much of me? I mean I wouldn’t really care about someone like me, if I were in their shoes. (Did ya see how pessimistic I turned out to be? Bad, Mint, very bad…)


I like to care for others but as much as I would like to receive in return, I really don’t set my expectations high for people whom I really care about, because for me, if expectations were never fulfilled, I would be filled with regret and disappointment, or like i would like to say, I would feel like a disappointment.

So I always assume other people don’t really think highly as me as I do, about them. This is just something I assume so that I don’t feel disappointed afterwards. This is probably not healthy as it hurts my self esteem and self-confidence. This is why I am certified as an introvert. Seriously I need to change myself soon.


BUT going beyond my expectations, they really thought highly of me, and I am always grateful no matter what. Yesterday, yes yesterday, one of my friends who celebrated my birthday that night, said she wanted to pass something to me. When she gave it to me, I was again struck with surprise. IT’S AN ALBUM I HAVE BEEN WANTING FOR A WHILE NOW. (So that’s why they kept asking me about which version of the album I am going to buy, I did not even expect that at ALL, I’M STILL SO SHOCKED)


Triple Birthday surprise attack (not really sure if the album counts as my belated birthday gift but I counted it in anyways)


If you were wondering what album it is, it’s a B.A.P album. My absolute favourite group. I will probably compile a list of songs I really enjoy from B.A.P and other groups in the future so stay tuned for my recommendation of songs soon!

(Featured image credits to google & respective owner)

I am delaying my assignments for this post so I need to get back to it soon. See you guys soon and hope you’re all doing well! Bye bye!

Signing off,

Mint /(・ ᆺ ・)\♡



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