Be Yourself

Lately, I have been trying to fit myself into tight schedules such as skipping meals so that I can spend more time in the library. This idea (or motivation if I may say so myself) of spending most of time in the library actually comes from one of my friends back in college. She is in the same university as me but of course, she’s terribly and excitingly active in many organisations and clubs and yet she’s amazingly good at studies and fitness. I am like looking up at her like wow, you are goals man. (I mean that she posts her time schedule daily on her social media and most of her time was in the library so I wanted to try it out but….)

But little did I realise that I can’t be like her or anyone else in particular. I like studying and revising in my own time, pace and space. I personally know that I can’t even be half as good or even quarter as good as her but I still tried this insane schedule I set for myself. It did help me in such a way that I am motivated to study (80% of the time?) but I don’t really like looking for spaces in library and end up sitting in a very uncomfortable space and have to stay there in case someone else takes my seat.

So basically I am saying that after trying out a schedule I tried imitating from my friend, I think that I will probably stick to that morning schedule but not the after six o’clock schedule because I am awfully exhausted.

The point of this post is that, just be yourself. Just follow your own pace. You don’t need to be as good as someone or better than them, I mean if that is your motivation, then you are welcome to use that but remember, you are you and you are different form everyone else. It’s very unwise to try to be like someone else when you personally know that both of you are two worlds apart. Just go with your own flow and you know, just enjoy and appreciate yourself. It’s hard I know, I am someone with a lot of flaws and after today’s long talk with my group member (who eventually becomes my friend in the end I think! She’s really nice!), I just realised how bad 2016 and this year is. I mean this year hasn’t even reach the mid part of it but hopefully and definitely I will turn that all around.

I have decided to think more positively and as I always like to think (and as a comfort), everything happens for a reason. It happened and it was really bad, but are you able to change it? Even with your capability? No? Then just work on what happens afterwards. If you can change it, why not?

I want to end this post with, as the title says, BE YOURSELF! YOU ARE YOU AND YOU ARE DIFFERENT FROM ANYONE ELSE. YOU ARE UNIQUE AND YOU HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO MAKE TODAY A GOOD DAY, TOMORROW A BETTER DAY AND THE DAYS AFTER THAT EVEN BETTER. So what if today and last week sucked? You still have tomorrow to look forward to. Even if you have exams and assignments and problems to face at work, you just have to go through it. That is what life is all about. Challenges and obstacles, annoying people and good people. Stress, break-ups, friendships, family and financial issues.

Life is all about experiences, whether if it is good or bad, it will forever be a memory we will hold onto and look back and smile (or frown if it’s something you want to forget about but can’t)

I believe in you and I believe that you are able to change your day, your situation and surrounding if you believe in yourself in making that change. You are awesome and I am proud of you for coming this far in life. There is still a long way to go so let’s go through life step by step together shall we?

Let’s go!~

(Except that you have to leave me behind for a little while, I need to get these assignments done so that I can proceed together with you hmm…)


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