What’s in for 2018?

Hey guys, I haven’t been updating since last year and my last post was about the crush I thought I had a crush on but I don’t think that is the case. Can you believe I am as delusional as ever? Oh well, that is practically my life.

Anyways, the end of 2017 was great despite me being sick for two weeks in a row and also during Christmas but I am elated that I was able to spend time with my family, especially with my dearest sister whom I have not seen for 3 years and more.

January 2018 was not very pleasant, because as I am moving apartments, it was really difficult for me to find a place with good price and location for both my sister and I. I went to a few inspections for furnished apartments and it wasn’t pretty I tell you. One of the memories of the inspections I experienced (which will forevermore remain in my head) had four elevators of people going up and for me that was really traumatising and demotivating at the same time. Putting that aside, I have found a nice place so it’s all good now.

Okay, this post is going to briefly talk about my internship so far and also the people I met through this certain program. I have met good people, though I would not really spend a lot of time with them because I don’t really feel that comfortable. You know those people who are nice and friendly but you just have the feeling that you won’t really fit into the group? Yeah it’s that kind of a feeling. There’s this girl whom everyone is really fond of because she is really really friendly and outgoing but first impression and first day out with her…she gives me a not-so-pleasant vibe I might say. But oh well, everyone likes her (and my opinion does not matter anyways) so that’s all to it.

I am actually doing my internship right now. Right this second I am typing. You might be thinking what the heck, shouldn’t you be doing some work right now?? Yeah my working hours for me leaving the office was like an hour and a half ago but I am staying back in the place of my colleague, because she is unwell. I feel more relaxed today, maybe because there weren’t anyone around in the office.

Ah well, that’s all to it today. Hope everyone is doing well and stay hydrated! ❤


Signing off,

Mint /(・ ᆺ ・)\♡


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